Workers Get Skills Online for High-Demand Jobs in Africa


Countries in Africa are experiencing youth unemployment and skills shortage. Universities are hoping to help by offering massive open online courses.

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Countries all across Africa are experiencing an extreme youth unemployment gap as well as a skills shortage. Several universities are hoping to help in both of these issues by offering massive open online courses. The University of Cape Town has various classes, from social change to academic writing, to the ethics of organ donation. According to Keno Omu of the African Leadership University, “Employers are now looking for graduates who can think for themselves, integrate into fast-paced work environments, learn new ways of working, and develop creative solutions to real problems.” Jobs Across The World said the abilities are more dependent on how the individual was taught then what they learned. With the trending interconnected global workforce, it is easy for workers to relocate to where jobs are available. Jobs Across the World has a global online employment solution to bring employers and job-seekers together.

The World Economic Forum’s report, “The Future of Jobs and Skills in Africa” list skills that will be the highest in demand. These are some of the top course groups you can become skilled in: Infrastructure and development, Agriculture and the environment, Food and beverages, Health, home, and personal care, Apparel, Financial services, and STEM. Even though some countries deal with issues like copyright and internet speed, there is still a growing opportunity for African youth to sharpen their skills for the workforce challenges that await. Jobs Across the World gives employers looking for skilled workers free access to resumes in the user-friendly database. With this benefit, employers do not have to pay to find qualified workers who match the skill set they are looking to fill open jobs.

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