Amazon Adding Software Development and Other IT Jobs in Canada


Toronto is about to gain 600 new jobs thanks to Amazon, which is expanding its footprint in the city’s downtown area. These new Canadian jobs are planned to be filled over the next five years, joining the 800 positions that have already been filled. The new positions will involve machine learning, software development, and cloud computing, according to Amazon’s head of Canadian advertising, Tamir Bar-Haim. If you are looking for a job opportunity, contact JobsAWorld. You directly submit your resume and they match your skills with a position that is available, no matter where it is located in the world.

Bar-Haim said there are teams in Canada from several different parts of the company. They range from Amazon web services, Alexa, customer fulfillment technology, advertising, and other areas. The offices located in Toronto are one of the 18 “tech hubs” located across North America. There are also a number of warehouses in the region. The city was also on the list to be home to Amazon’s highly coveted second headquarters, but lost to a different city. When submitting your resume to Jobs Across the World, you have the opportunity to find a position that fits your skill set. It doesn’t matter where you are located or where the job opportunity is located.

Mayor John Tory said, “I look at this as a wonderful day…but I know that bigger and better things lie ahead, in terms of more jobs and more people.” He does not consider the expanded offices to simply be a “consolation prize” for not getting the second headquarters. Ontario’s Premier Doug Ford said the Amazon move is a win for the province and once again touted that his government is making things easier for business in the province. Ford said the leaders can call him directly and not have to go through the layers of bureaucrats to receive their needed answer. When adding your resume to Jobs Across the World, you will be continuously updated on new open jobs that match your skills. All international applications for jobs, no matter the industry or location, are welcome. This allows the perfect match between companies seeking the best talent and people looking for a new opportunity.

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