Record Number of People Working in Australia 

The workforce in Australia reached a brand-new record, with unemployment holding steady at only 5.2 percent. In July alone, the labor market increased the number of jobs by three times. There were 41,100 new positions added since the previous month, with over 75 percent of them being full-time, according to the statistics bureau. Australian economists had only foreseen an increase of 14,000. Not expected to move, the job participation rate also rose to 66.1 percent, setting another record. New South Wales had the lowest jobless rate among the other states coming in at 4.4 percent, and Victoria’s unemployment rate stayed steady at 4.8 percent. If you are considering relocating for a better job opportunity, submit your resume to Jobs Across the World. Their team will match your qualifications with the perfect position.

Sarah Hunter of BIS Oxford Economics in Sydney said, “The rebound in employment growth likely reflects the rebound in hiring intentions after the federal election, which temporarily disrupted firms’ hiring plans.” Employment in the country has risen for the 33rd time in the last 34 months, showing the strength of the Australian job market. As the new data was released, the Aussie dollar rose to 67.81 US cents. Industries on the lookout for additional staff were education and training, healthcare, community services, and science and technology. There are many job opportunities all around the globe. To find the perfect job for you, contact Jobs Across the World. It doesn’t matter where you or the position is located. International resumes are welcome, and the team of experts will match your skillset with the perfect company. Contact them today!

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