The Netherlands Sees Shortage of Skilled Workers

The job vacancies in technology, teaching, healthcare, and IT in The Netherlands are going to be challenging for employers to fill over the next few years, according to the Dutch Labour Market research. University graduates with a healthcare or technical degree of any level up to 2022 will have very good job prospects. The report released by Maastricht University, “The Labor Market By Training and Profession Until 2022”, said the shortage will be over most of the communications technology and IT sector, along with a lack of engineers, architects, and electricians. The report is published on  Jobs Across The World job market prospects bi-annually and based on forecasts by the national statistics office and the government’s think-tank group, CPB. Jobs Across The World can provide you with a unique platform that offers what no-one else can. They can match your resume with open positions all around the world and update you on new job postings.

As far as the education field, primary schools will see the most drastic hit. There are just not enough trainees being recruited to replace the expected flow of retirees over the next few years. Research leader, Didier Fourage, spoke with Radio 1 News saying, “We need a campaign to enthuse youngsters about working with technology, in healthcare and education. They need to be informed about the good prospects on offer.” He commented that it is a way to encourage them to pursue an education in this area. The team of career development experts at Jobs Across The World can help you get hired for the position you desire.

The Netherlands Sees Shortage of Skilled Workers
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