A survey conducted by SD Worx, a human resource services provider, was given to 5,500
employees asking about their current job. These workers were located in France, Germany, The
Netherlands, Belgium, The United Kingdom, Luxembourg, and Austria. They were questioned
about job security, loyalty to their employer, jobs in general, and promotion opportunities.

Out in front was The Netherlands with 87.7 percent and Belgium at 86.4 percent of workers secure with their job status. If working abroad is something you are interested in, contact Jobs Across The World to submit your resume. Your location or the country a job opportunity is located in doesn’t matter. You simply submit your credentials and wait to be contacted by an employer.

Near to 80 percent of workers in Luxembourg are happy with their job security. The Netherlands
and Belgium are again slightly ahead of Luxembourg in this area, while Austria has less than 40
percent who enjoy their job security. HR Business Partner at SD Worx said, “Today’s optimism
is part of the strong economic situation.” She noted that even with robotization and digitalization
increasing, most employees are not concerned about their jobs being affected by technology in
the future.

Loyalty is a strong trait among employees in Luxembourg. Those who do not
consider themselves loyal to their company or employer was a low 30 percent. This country,
which has one of the three official capitals of the European Union, is a strong one to consider
when thinking about relocating for a job opportunity. Contact Jobs Across The World to submit
your resume and wait for the right position to open for you.


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