Salaries on the Rise for Highly-Skilled Foreign Workers

The Pew Research Center showed new data saying U.S. employers have increased the pay of highly-skilled foreign workers with H-1B visas, a salary of $80,000. A decade earlier, they were only being paid a median salary of $69,000. This is the first time the government has provided the public salary information about H-1B applicants. The H-1B visa program is the leading way companies in the U.S. hire highly-skilled foreign workers Jobs Across The World. It allows employers to hire immigrants to work for up to six years in a particular job that requires highly specialized knowledge, and the workers’ position may be extended if they have pending green card applications. When looking for a job, consider submitting your resume to Jobs Across The World. They will match your resume with open positions all over the globe. You will receive updates on new job postings as well.

When joining the program, employers submit requests to the United States Department of Labor showing no U.S. citizen would be displaced by the foreign worker taking the job. The application is reviewed before interviewing the foreign worker and issuing them a visa. The overall demand for these visas has increased dramatically over the past ten years. In 2009, there were 246,126 applications, and in 2016 there were almost 400,000. The Trump administration is planning to back a plan that would reverse years of U.S. immigration policy by allowing more highly-skilled immigrants in the U.S. and fewer low-skilled immigrants. If you are considering relocating for a better job, Jobs Across The World is the best place to submit your application. The team of career development experts will help you get hired for the position you deserve.

Salaries on the Rise for Highly-Skilled Foreign Workers
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