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High Demand for Electrical Engineers in the USA

Electrical engineering job trends are described as “high” this year. Vice President of recruiting at Randstad Engineering, Angela Keller said, “High growth, high salaries, high demand, high competition among hiring companies.” Electrical engineers are benefiting from the competition, getting better entry-level salaries and a variety of company choices. Graduates had entry salaries of $73,078, almost $5,500 more wages than the year before, making electrical engineering the highest-earning engineering major. Jobs Across The World can help match your resume with a company that is hiring engineers. They match the most skilled job seeker with the best employers.


The most sought-after areas for engineers in America include control engineering, embedded systems engineering, design validation, and robotics, according to Keller. Although these trends are seemingly contrasting, there is a heavy cross-industry target on product development. A type of automation is also added in for speeding up the process. Keller said, “Our economy as a whole is focused on the next best thing.” According to Keller, firms cannot afford to let up since they are continuously racing to find the next best thing. That is where engineers come on the scene. The career development experts at Jobs Across The World are dedicated to helping you locate and land a job you deserve.


Electrical engineers can make their resume even more impressive by adding communication qualifications to it. It should not be seen as merely a soft skill, as it is becoming a more significant part of the electrical engineer’s job. Communicating with designers, sales, and manufacturing teams are an expectation of the job. The National Society of Professional Engineers President, Kodi Verhalen, said, “Externally, they might be asked to speak to regulators or represent in media situations, explaining technical projects to a broad audience.” For an opportunity to find a job in the engineering field, contact Jobs Across The World to submit your resume.


High Demand for Electrical Engineers in the USA
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