Jobs Across The World: Berlin

Germany is seeking skilled labor inside and outside of their country

The government, along with people in business, unions, and federated states, have joined forces to make sure the German locomotive stays strong. There are 1.4 million job openings right now in the country, causing them to look outside the EU for help.

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, is sending a clear report of the need to attract foreign workers to fill these positions. She has been talking about a paradigm shift and said the important thing is that third countries see Germany as an open country that is interested in the world, noting they are not the only ones trying to attract qualified workers. She understands there is great competition.

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Jobs Across The World - GermanyThe government in Germany passed a law aimed at attracting skilled workers from abroad. There are 2.5 million Europeans currently employed in Germany. Still, Berlin has estimated that the stream of workers from the EU will begin to decline due to the aging of employees in neighboring countries.

Those places will need their own workers as the older population starts to retire. Germany wants to take full advantage of its internal workforce but is realizing that it is not enough to fill the many voids.

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