Thousands of Taiwanese Finding Work in China

Eddie Chan chose to earn higher pay by working in mainland China. He is joined by 420,000 other Taiwanese workers looking for better pay. Chan moved from Taipei, the Taiwanese capital, to study for a Masters in Beijing, on a full scholarship in 2014. He decided to stay and work in China for a major international company. His wage was double to what he could have made working in Taiwan, where beginning salaries for graduates have only slightly risen since the late 1990’s. If you are looking for a job with higher wages, contact Jobs Across The World. It is a straightforward process. They match your resume with positions all around the world. Simply submit your resume and wait for a call for an interview from an interested recruiter.

Statistics released from the government show that by 2015, 72.5 percent of close to ten million in the workforce, with an undergraduate degree or higher, had relocated overseas for better job opportunities. China, a close neighbor and having the same language, took most of the workers. They are luring the best talent out of Taiwan by using economic clout to buy political influence, which is threatening the Taiwanese economy. The younger generation more keenly identifies with Taiwan as their homeland and China as a vast neighboring state. Offering millennials a higher standard of living in China may change things. One student said, “I hope I can stay in China and find a job… Most of my friends also hope that they can work there after they graduate.” The team of experts at Jobs Across The World are dedicated to helping you get hired for the job you wish to have.

Thousands of Taiwanese Finding Work in China
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