A 42-Year Employment High is Seen in the U.K.


In only three months, the jobless rate in the United Kingdom fell to just over four percent. This is
the lowest percentage since 1975. Higher than last month’s increase, weekly earnings rose over
two percent compared to the previous year. The percentage of working people, slightly over 75
percent, is the highest since 1971. This is in part due to the beginning of an allowance for a
later state pension age for women. Employees working in the U.K. from April to June totaled
over 32 million people, which was 338,000 more than the same time a year ago. With such low
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Matt Hughes, a labor market statistician, said, “The employment picture remains strong, with a
new record high employment rate and another fall in the unemployment rate. Despite the strong
jobs picture, however, real earnings continue to decline.” Increased pay wages are seen due to
labor markets tightening. Average salaries increased by over two percent, not including
bonuses. Accommodation, construction, transport, storage, and the food services sectors all
saw a definite increase of jobs in the U.K. Ruth Gregory, a U.K. economist at Capital
Economics, said the amounts gave added indicators that the tighter jobs market was leading to
a revival of wage increases. Jobs Across The World can assist you in finding the right job
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